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In Year 6, we are doing many reading, grammar and maths focus and surgeries. This week, we have many practice papers to work through but it is a variety of levels, as a couple of papers are Level 3-5 and some papers are Level 6. So far, we have had only had math surgeries and we have had, percentages surgeries and coordinates. Next week, we have our SATS and everyone in Year 6 is very excited. I enjoy Year 6 because you get to sit wherever you want to. If you have got a doubt, you can clear it through using Google Classroom by typing what you want to know and the whole year group could answer to your question. In Year 6 we have got teams and squads. Throughout Year 6, I have had an enjoyable learning experience by having so many challenges like the Sole Projects, The Mirror challenge and other independent that made think about the question carefully and interacts and involves us through the poem, questions or even equipment. Once in Year 6, there was a mystery blogger that got children into the mystery blogger and made Year 6 look and search for the mystery blogger. So far, I have had a different fantastic learning environment and experience.



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