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this an update on our sole project that is going on about “Time is an illusion”.

In case you are wondering, we were give pictures of clocks and the phrase “Time is an illusion”, yes, that’s it!

So far we have researched what the phrase Time is an illusion means, although it may sound very obvious its definitely a lot more complicated! We realized it was to do with Einstein’s theory about time and about what we are actually measuring when reading the time. Do you have any ideas?

We have found out that time has a flow, like a river. Time has direction, always advances. Time has duration, a period between events. Last of all time has a privileged present, only now is real. Time used to be the universal background through which all events proceed, such that order can be sequenced and duration can be measured.

The question is whether these features are actually realities of the physical world or artificial constructs of the human mentality, in other words, is this all reality and real or is it just in our mind?

Have you got any ideas, we would love to know!



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