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As the moon light shares its delight, inside me the wildness starts to tear me apart into Midnight Evil. I couldn’t resist the pain that turned my eyes like flickering sparks in the dark. Malevolent feelings just fill me as the terror begins in any moment. Confident as a pilot, my rage attacks the city of the dead like an outrageous spirit. Thoughts just ponder in my head stating’ Stop! Stop! ‘ However, I couldn’t, an uncontrolled spirit had undertaken me as a disguise. Oh I wish this will stop! The tense and suspense created the atmosphere to change into stars disappearing.


  1. Navya (Reply) on Thursday 27, 2017

    Interesting post Christina, I am willing to find out what going to happen next. To make this post better you could describe the character more as you are mostly describing what is happening to your character not what he is looking like. Try to help the reader create a vivid image of what the character looks like in their mind. Doing this would make your description so much better as the reader would be interested to read on.


  2. Tharsika (Reply) on Thursday 27, 2017

    Well done Christina! You post is very interesting by putting the character’s feeling and emotions on the post. You have also created a small description of your personality. You have also used the show and tell formula and you have used it very well. You maybe have to give more setting description to give us a vivid image of where you actually are and make the reader imagine of the location you are at.